Zap Pow Designs in the adorable brain baby of two crafty BFF's.  Cass who is from Tennessee and Lizzie who is in Texas.  Both share a love of crafting and acting a complete fool in public.  
Zap Pow Designs specializes in digital stamps and card making.  We will soon brand out into all things stationary and greetings.  From dorky chic note cards to nerdy embellishments, you will soon have your one stop shop for all your geeky and cute greetings.

Just a little bit about me, one of the crazy ladies responsible for Zap Pow Designs. I have loved stamps, cards, stationary and scrapbooking my entire life. I vividly remember being a little girl and using markers, pencils, crayons, whatever I had available to make my own cards or stationary. I would then turn around and try to sell it to my mother for a quarter. I remember receiving my first stamp set and that was it. I was hooked. It was one of the best gifts I had ever received.
As the years have passed I have developed my own crafting style. I am anything but “main stream” and that’s the way I like it. Starting this company with my bestie Lizzie has been the culmination of all of my childhood dreams coming true.
Sharing my passion and art with you is what I believe in, and what I want to be doing. I heard a quote once that said, “I just want to make pretty things, even if no one cares”. That’s me: my feelings to a tee. I will continue to create and make art to share until I can no longer do so. I hope that you enjoy our art as much as we enjoy creating it. 

^ Ditto what Cass said^
As you can see, I'm a jokester, the uber silly one in this not so sane compilation of nerdy and cute crafters.  I love all things paper crafting, painting, drawing, and I dabble in crocheting here and there.  When I'm not crafting you can find my nose in a book or binge watching Doctor Who for the 900th time.  I always have felt like the odd girl out in the crafting community, from my quirky ways to the way I say 'DUDE' and 'ZOMG' and yes I am 30... your point?  It's just a tad bit hard to fit in with all the gorgeous crafters out there.  Hey, I'm not throwing any shade here, you guys rock what you do, I just can't do it.  But I can rock the crud outta some washi tape and robots!
Cass is my bestie.  From laughing so hard over corn to having impromptu Steve Irwin voice over on every day occurrences.   You know the saying 'tight like old t-shirts'?  That is us.  It's weird how we have the same brain in a way.  Yet we are so different.  And it's because of this crazy concoction of awesome that we came up with Zap Pow Designs.
You're welcome universe.